Glass is such a strange material in this modern age where everything is immortal and where big data functions as our memory, incapable and unwilling to ever forget any detail. You can never be sure if the photo someone posted of you and you didn’t like is truly deleted. And the plastic cup of yogurt isn’t gone just because you put it into a bin. Glass is fragile, glass brakes and at the same time it’s aggressive, sharp and strong. In between those extremes my collection VITRUM NEGRUM positions itself. It combines perfect shininess with raw edges and fringing hems. Exposing your weakness AND being strong is a quality not many people like to show. Hair also has this quality. This is why I only wanted to use fabrics that adhere to this quality. I used tulle as a first layer. It’s very thin and seems in need of protection. To be protected by something or someone who themselve need protection, or is vulnerable, is the twist I’m interested in. Like windows, lovers, and literally the whole world. We are surrounded by an amazing atmosphere protecting us, and we are destroying and patching it up at the same time. The second layer is satin, it’s much thicker than tulle, but at the same time so much more sensitive. The third layer, the walls of the house, are black wool and transparent PVC – the „Vitrum Negrum“. To show how weak the PVC/glass is it has been stitched with contrasting yarn. The transparency allows a look inside, yet also reveals the inner construction that is usually well hidden. The color range is muted, mainly concentrating on the contrasts between white and black as a reference to the conflicting nature of glass. The tone of skin and transparency serves as an inspiration to the chosen color range.
The person wearing this gender-independent collection is someone with a strong sense for aesthetics, who is used to being looked at. It’s not aimed to be a particularly commercial collection even though some pieces would also sell within this category. It is not prêt-à-porter, it is not haute couture, it is in between. Different layers can be attributed to different uses. The first layer by itself can worn at home, where you feel comfortable and where there’s no need for protection. The second layer leans towards showing off. You can wear it to events and special occasions – it gives you a good feeling, protecting and strengthening your pride. The third layer is about protection in its broadest meaning: protection from getting cold, wet or looks.

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