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Coming from a year of changes and transformation I’ve started to have the urge to share my story and was also in the need of something new. Since all these questions and worries about the future keep coming to my mind I decided to just do something and not dream about what might will come when I’m finally fine again. What if that day will never come ? When would I decide „Ok, then I just have to do something even if I´m not fine“. Now! Because that’s the opportunity of our age. To do something and not even have to leave the bed. And I’m partly really thankful for that.
Before all that happened I used to study fashiondesign. And started to be really unhappy about it. Without the crisis I might have never had the strength to quit. So I now can see the crisis also as a chance. I kind of knew before that crisis is often the biggest catalyst for creativity. Because you’re in such a strong need of an outlet. Everybody knows those poignant songs, poems, drawings which really transport depression, heartbrake and hopelessness. I don’t say that my experiences make me a great artist but they changed my point of perspective. I’am less of a perfectionist and I compare myself less with others. I am just doing it to do it not to achieve a goal. Same applies to this Blog: I’m doing it to do it, to experience it, to see where this journey goes to.
So here is the place where alls things come togehter. What I create, write and experience. And i hope it will build an Archive I one day could look back on.

The picture is the first one of a filmroll I shot a few month ago. Like this is the first Post here. Lets see what the rest will bring.

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  • Well Luise, to start this blog is a very good decision of yours. I am curious to see what will follow and I wish you lots of fun with this project and many exciting experiences. I really appreciate your honesty in your introduction. Good luck! Pepper

  • Very nicely written, and beautifully honest. I can find myself in your words. My creativity flourishes when I am in some kind of pain, it’s a strange relationship, and getting it out through words, painting, drawing, just general creating is great therapy. I like the concept of your website, and how you are using it.

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