About 2 The Meaning Of Life

A pretentious title, I know. But everyone asks this oneself from time to time, right? Or maybe not. I do. And here that’s all that matters. The question is not always that obvious, but a lot of them are ending there. I think I know. I loose it often though. It gets so easily lost under everything that seems important keeping up with life. I used to think so much about my future and what I want to achieve. I compared and evaluated my life and others. And I’m sure I wasn’t very unique by doing so. Everything changed, no matter what plans I might have made, I achieved none of the big goals and I’m still alive. I have new goals. Goals you can’t write step by step lists about. And that makes it very hard. Maybe that’s why one gets so easily distracted by others. And when everything just seems impossible I easily fall back into the old ones. I dream about careers, types of people I could be friends with, stuff I could buy. The past showed that all this isn’t what it’s about. Those things can compensate and even make you forget. They shouldn’t be the focus, the one thing that’s missing to be happy. They only should add. I’m not against luxury, careers or even expensive cars. They just shouldn’t be something that one is dependant on. In the past. Actually since I can remember I always had a really strong feeling about stuff I saw and liked, like it really would have an impact to own this one thing. When I grew older and started to think about sustainability my guilty conscience kicked in when I gave in to that feeling and of course I saw all those minimalist guides and stuff like it. I was impressed and I minimalized and even consumed less but the urge never stopped. Until today. I can still be pleased by nice things but not in the same way, not less not more just without this kick , nothing depends on it anymore.

Artwork by me, Photoshop 2017

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